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Food Safety Programs Funded by Canadian Provincial Governments

If you are a food processor in Ontario, Alberta or Manitoba and have been considering a Food Safety program for your organization, now it's time to act.

The above provinces have developed a program called FSI (Food Safety Initiative), and in some cases, up to 90% of the costs to implement a program can be covered, including*:

  • Pre-assessment activities
  • Development of your ISO 22000 or HACCP program with QMI
  • Training (offsite as well as tailored in house training)
  • Consulting
  • Program audits and registration

That might include programs such as QMI's ISO 22000 registration or HACCP

Don't miss this opportunity to improve food safety and business processes in your organization. This incentive is only available in a first-come, first-serve basis until funds are no longer available.

For more information, contact John Kukoly, Product Manager, Food Safety at (800) 465-3717 or jkukoly@qmi.com

*Funding formula and costs to be recovered may vary by province.

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