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PEFC Endorsement Opens Doors to New Markets ľU.S. and Canadian SFI Program Achieves PEFC Endorsement

SFI has received confirmation that it has successfully achieved international recognition by the PEFC Council. An independent assessment has shown that SFI complies with the international PEFC requirements for national forest certification systems. PEFC endorsed systems worldwide, including SFI, now account for more than 175 million hectares, an area larger than the combined forest area of all 25 member countries of the European Union.

"We are delighted that it has independently been confirmed that the SFI program meets the high international PEFC standards", said Mr. William Banzhaf, President of the Sustainable Forestry Board representing SFI. "The PEFC endorsement will further help SFI certificate holders to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility and guarantee them access to international markets for certified paper and timber products."

This endorsement of the SFI program means that PEFC has more than tripled its certified forest area in the past year. PEFC is now positioned as a global benchmark, which independent national forest certification systems all over the world aim to achieve. This is good news for consumers of products from sustainably managed forests, demonstrating the impact certification is having on the worlds forests.

What does this mean for QMIs SFI registered clients? The PEFC endorsement of the SFI program now allows our North American forestry clients greater access to European and domestic markets using the new SFI Chain of Custody Standard and the SFI Product Label, thereby satisfying a growing demand for proof of certified content be shipped to downstream customers.

The PEFC endorsed the Canadian national sustainable forest management standard CAN/CSA Z809:2002. With SFI joining the PEFC family of endorsed programs, there are now approximately 117 million hectares / 289 million acres of North American forestland endorsed by the PEFC.

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